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Offer 3D body scanning to your clients at an affordable price.

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3D Body Scanning that's accurate, affordable and accessible

Offer 3D body scanning to your clients, without buying expensive hardware that takes up space in your gym. The Bodymapp 3D body scanning app uses the depth sensors in compatible mobile devices to capture thousands of data points to map the contours of the body and are accurate to within +/- 10 mm. The scans are non-invasive and safe for everyone to use.

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We partner with health clubs and gyms to provide a seamless body scanning experience for members. Rather than investing thousands of dollars upfront in hardware that has limitations around time of use and consistency, you can now offer members an opportunity to get scanned in the comfort of their own home – saving time and space. All you need is an iPad Pro and stand for in-gym scanning for members who do not own compatible devices.

Key benefits for gyms and health clubs include:

  • Ability to provide accurate consistent measurement benchmarks which are proven to improve member retention.
  • No need to dedicate space or resources to body scanning.
  • No need to invest significant upfront capital / lease commitments to purchase a machine.
  • Profitable win-win business models available for gyms and partners.

Bodymapp is widely used by patients who undergo weight loss surgery. While seeing changes in weight is important, it’s also incredibly rewarding for patients to be able to visualise their physical changes over time. By using Bodymapp, weight loss surgeons and clinics can provide a service that will help their patients stay motivated through the weight loss surgery process. Bodymapp is an affordable accompaniment to DEXA scans, which can be costly to do on a regular basis.

Key benefits for weight loss clinics and surgeries:

  • Proven to be an engaging and motivating tool for patients
  • Ability to get measured on a regular (weekly / fortnightly) basis and visualise changes to body shape in a way no other technology can
  • No need to dedicate significant resources – both space and money – to buying DEXA / BIA technology
  • Very affordable way to provide accurate body scanning technology while still providing high value to patients

We partner with nutritionists and personal trainers to provide a seamless body scanning experience for their clients. Measurements are a great way to assess the effectiveness of programs to deliver the desired outcomes for clients. By utilising Bodymapp, you can avoid the time and inaccuracies of using manual methods such as measuring tapes.

Key benefits for trainers and nutritionists:

  • More efficient and consistent than manual measurement methods
  • Shows an accurate reflection of progress and keeps customers motivated
  • Low cost way of enabling customers to access body scanning
  • Opportunity to generate ancillary revenue for your business at no upfront investment

Attract New Potential Clients

Attract new clients by offering accessible and affordable 3D body scanning, health reporting and fitness tracking.

increase client engagement and Retention

Give clients access to accurate health information that motivates them to achieve their goals.

offer body scanning at an Affordable Cost

Offer body scanning without spending money on expensive equipment that takes a long time to see ROI.

Client Testimonial

"Since we started offering Bodymapp to our members at Willows, we have seen an increase in member engagement, satisfaction and retention. 3D body scanning helps our members set informed goals and track their progress. When members track their progress with Bodymapp, it quantifies the outcomes of training in our gym and incentivises them to continue their fitness journey. They love being able to see changes in their body through their avatar and measurements, which keeps them motivated to keep coming to the gym. Bodymapp is a unique tracking tool that works well alongside our challenges, with a user-friendly interface to help members track and monitor their progress. Members love that they can access all their results - including their health report - on their phones, so the health information given to them from their scan is always within arm's reach. I highly recommend Bodymapp to any fitness clubs or trainers looking for an affordable way to offer the benefits of body scanning to their members and clients."
Troy Morgan
Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre

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