3D body scanning anywhere, anytime
Your complete body and health tracker in your back pocket.
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Track your progress beyond the scales
There is so much more to your body and health than a single number.
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Measure your body metrics for health, fitness and fashion
Scan and track your waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, clothing measurements and more... all in one app.
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Body scanning has never been easier

With Bodymapp, you can complete a full 3D body scan anywhere, anytime.

All you need is your iPhone or iPad*.

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Stop watching the scales

There’s more to health and fitness than just weight. Bodymapp tracks up to 20 measurements of your body, which tells you more about your health.

Tracking your body with Bodymapp is simple and convenient

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Download the free Bodymapp app to start tracking your health and fitness through your measurements.

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Complete a 3D body scan anywhere, anytime using a compatible mobile device*.

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Get unlimited scans and all premium features including avatar comparison, goal setting and more!

Ditch the measuring tape

A smoother online shopping experience at your fingertips. Get accurate body measurements saved to your phone in just a few convenient clicks.

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