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3D Body Scanning from the comfort of your own home

Sometimes tracking your progress by stepping on the scales can be disheartening, especially when the number on the scale hasn’t changed. However, just because the number on the scale hasn’t changed – it doesn’t mean you haven’t made any progress! You might have lost inches and body fat.

That’s where Bodymapp comes in. Bodymapp is a 3D body scanning app that allows you to complete body scans and track your progress from the comfort of your own home. Easily monitor 20 vital metrics, including body fat percentage, BMR, waist size, and more, while comparing your evolving 3D avatar side by side.


"I’ve noticed my weight loss stalls for about a month sometimes but I like using [Bodymapp] because in those times, I find my measurements shrink. Helps me to stay motivated and on track!”
"I have found that seeing my comparisons scans really puts things into perspective. What’s even better is I can now do my body scans in the comfort of my own home so I can track my progress as frequently as I like. This has been one of my favourite tools to track my weight loss journey as it doesn’t solely track my progress by the numbers on the scale and instead breaks down the incredible changes in my body and all the centimetres I have lost."
"I started this weight loss surgery journey to help give myself a quality of life and go from existing to living and enjoying life… [Bodymapp] has been a great mental help to see the measurements going down at times the weight has slowed up."
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